How To Enable The New Web Interface In Gmail

Google has released an all new Gmail web interface with many new interesting features, which we are going to discuss here. This revamped Gmail version couldn’t come soon enough. It’s been like forever since the last significant face-lift of Gmail. To align its email service to modern needs of users, the search engine giant has brought much needed changes to the way Gmail looks and functions. New tweaks introduced in this updated Gmail web interface are designed to improve user interaction with the service.

After years of ignoring the requests of its Gmail users, Google has finally listened to their suggestions by bringing changes to the email service’s interface. Previously it appeared as if Gmail is some email client from the early days of the internet.

Anyone can get the new web design of Gmail. It’s really easy to get on your device. But first, take a look at the salient features of the new Gmail interface.

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Gmail Web Interface – New Features

These are the new features of Gmail Web.

GSuit Marketplace: There is a new column on the right side of Gmail interface. This is where you can access Google apps like Keep, Tasks, Calendar, and others. It has edit option that allows users to add and remove apps. Click on the plus button to open the Gsuite Marketplace, which is similar to Chrome Web Store but for Gmail.

Clickable Attachments and Inline Action buttons: In the previous interface, you had to first open an email just to open the attachment. Well, that’s changed now. In the new Gmail Interface, attachments can be access below emails. Moreover, simply place mouse cursor on an email, which brings new inline buttons to enable you to quickly access frequently used actions. The inline actions include, open a message, archive messages, delete message, mark it as read or unread, and snooze emails!

Smart Replies: Smart replies have been around on the Android mobile version of the Gmail app. Now they’re also available on the new web interface. Similar to the mobile app, Gmail suggests a sample of canned responses (like predictive text) so you don’t have to type them. These predictive responses are based on the most used words in your emails.

gmail smart replies

Confidence Mode: Like you do with snaps on Snapchat, you can now set emails to delete themselves after a specified time on Gmail. Basically what you send is a link to the recipient, who has to click on it to access its content as a normal email. Other users will only see a link, not its content, unless authorized by the sender. It’s useful to send a link that expires after a certain time period when you want to ensure privacy, share sensitive information that shouldn’t be lying around in the inbox forever. To enhance security, two-factor authentication is here in Gmail: when a recipient receives a confidential email, he/she has to enter a passcode that they’ll get through SMS on phone. Furthermore, you can add/remove options to forward, copy, download and print messages.

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Snooze Emails: Email is a more formal medium of communication than text messages. That’s why you have to be a bit sharp while typing emails; be it personal or work related. However, sometimes, you might not be in a position to compose perfect email, which you also might forget later. Gmail has a new Snooze option to help you in this situation. A snoozed email is brought to your attention at a specified time later. Gmail will now inform users that an important unfinished email requires attention. It also notifies users about sent emails that haven’t been responded by the recipient.

snooze email

How To Enable The New Web Interface In Gmail

Here is what you need to do in order to enable new Gmail web interface. To begin with, open your Gmail on your preferred web browser (you know which one, right?). Now, to enable the new web interface, click on the cogwheel icon on the top-right corner and select the “Try the new Gmail” option.

Basically that’s all there is to enable the new Gmail layout. Upon launch, you will be given the choice to select the information density to try out the new interface. This is to make sure that the screen real-estate is fully utilized to its maximum size, especially on notebooks and laptops. We suggest you select Compact or Comfortable option under “Choose a View” layout option.

There are more interesting features coming your way in the upcoming updates of the Gmail web and mobile apps. So go ahead and start trying out new features in Gmail.

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