How To Enable Quiet Notifications On iOS 12 [iPhone / iPad]

Apple has finally introduced much needed quiet notification feature in its iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad. The option to manage notification comes as a relief for users who tend to use several apps at the same time but don’t want to be distracted by constant bombardment of notifications. Apple announced iOS 12 at the WWDC 2018 with a introduction to the many new features coming to its mobile operating system in the Fall. Beside a stellar lineup of stock wallpapers, another big feature that is gaining attention is the revamped notification management system.

ios 12 quiet notifications

In iOS 12, users get to have a complete control over how notifications arrive and can be seen along with options to group them in the Notification Center. One interesting new change is quiet notifications feature, which is something you should definitely try on your iPhone or iPad.

How To Use Quiet Notifications On iOS 12 Devices

This quiet delivery feature is a kind of middle ground between completely turning off your notification and allowing them for all the apps on your device. If you don’t want to disable notifications for an app but also don’t like to be bothered by them as soon as they are triggered, this is the feature that will help you better manage iOS notifications.

When this option is enabled, notifications will appear in the Notification Center but will not alert users either via a tone or a banner. To see them, you will have to look for them manually by sliding down the notification center. Here are the steps to use quiet notifications on iPhone and iPad running iOS 12.

Step 1 – To turn on the quiet notifications, wait for a notification to show on your lock screen or in Notification Center.

Step 2 – Now swipe from right to left on the notification you’d like to have the more restricted alerts for, which will then show you a row options, including the new “Manage” button. Tap on that.

manage notifications ios 12

Step 3 – Next, tap the “Deliver Quietly” option on the pop-up.

deliver quietly ios 12

Step 4 – Repeat the same steps for any notification you want to be delivered quietly.

That’s all. And one more thing, performing the same function in reverse takes a slightly different approach and a few more taps. To undo everything you did in the above method, head over to Settings > Notifications, select the app and then enable the Lock Screen, Banners and Sounds options to be alerted for its notifications again. This is helpful when you have changed your mind at a later time to receive the notification alerts for a particular app.

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