How To Configure Microsoft Launcher Theme Settings On Android

If you’re using Microsoft Launcher on your Android device, here is what you can do to adjust theme settings to personalize the experience. In this tutorial, we are going to walk you through the steps that would enable you to switch themes on Microsoft Launcher. adjust blur effect on Microsoft Launcher, and adjust accent color on Microsoft Launcher for Android.

microsoft launcher android

The launcher app from Microsoft recently made its way to Android platform. By default, it comes with pre-defined settings for theme, accent color and blur effect for the home screen background, but they can easily be customized to your personal preference.

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In the following guide, you will learn how to customize your Microsoft Launcher experience on Android device.

How to switch themes on Microsoft Launcher for Android

Microsoft Launcher comes with three different themes, you can select the one by following these instructions. First of all, open Microsoft Launcher on your Android smartphone or tablet and head over to its settings (press and hold the home screen and tap on Launcher Settings to quickly enter the menu). Now tap on Personalization followed by tapping Theme.

On the next screen, you will see the Theme drop-down menu, here you can select the theme color out of “Transparent”, “Dark” and “Light”.

microsoft launcher theme settings


The Transparent theme has additional options to adjust and control opacity level through the Opacity slider.

Once all the above steps are completed, you should see the selected theme in the background without having to restart your Android phone.

How to adjust blur effect on Microsoft Launcher for Android

Here are the steps to set the blur level to the background on every screen to make icons, widgets, and texts more readable and less straining on the eye.

Open the Microsoft Launcher tool settings. Go to Personalization > Theme. Now set the desired blur effect level using the Blur slider. This is to implement the effect in the feed page and settings experience. To apply the blur effect to all the screens, turn on the Apply blur effect to all screen toggle switch.

microsoft launcher blur effect

Once done, you should start noticing the blurred background effect depending on the the intensity level that you selected.

How to adjust accent color on Microsoft Launcher for Android

Now here are the steps to set and adjust accent color to your liking in Microsoft Launcher. Go to Microsoft Launcher settings. Tap on Personalization and then tap on Theme. Scroll down until you see the Accent color option. Here select the color you want to see on Microsoft Launcher and hit Done button. To select color in the headers, turn on the toggle switch next to the Apple accent color to headers option.

Once you are done with all these steps, Microsoft Launcher’s appearance will be just what you want to see on it. Share it with friends and send questions if you have any in the comment box.

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