How To Bypass Netflix VPN Block [Unblock Region Lock]

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to bypass Netflix vpn block to access content without region-lock restrictions. We have already discussed how to unlock USTVnow using a VPN proxy. Today, I am going to share a workaround that will enable you to unblock Netflix region-lock through a VPN app to stream content from the country of your choice. Watch Netflix TV shows and movies with no geographical limits by following the guide below.

Netflix has over 100 million subscribers all across the globe. The world’s biggest online movie and TV show streaming service operates in a number of countries. Although it has a single domain,, its content varies in different locations. You’ll have noticed that while traveling if you try to watch a Netflix video – you might be unable to stream the selected video because it is not available in that region. For example, Netflix Original production, House of Cards, isn’t available in some countries of Europe like Spain and Germany. Similarly, many other popular shows are accessible only in selected regions that can’t be accessed anywhere else. Many want to watch Netflix content that is from regions other than their current place of residence.

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That is why many users opt for a VPN (virtual-private-network) to watch Netflix from other geographical locations. If you live in the UK, firing up your proxy tool and connecting it to a US server allows you to watch shows available only in the United States. However, many users are reporting that this method is no longer working for them.

unblock netflix vpn block

That said, there is a simple solution to this issue. We are going to discuss how Netflix VPN Block works and how you can bypass VPN block to watch movies and shows not available in your country.

Why’s Netflix Not Working Over A VPN?

Netflix has started a crackdown to curb the use of VPN with its streaming service. They have implemented measures to thwart efforts to bypass Netflix region-lock using VPN apps, in an attempt to make it more tough to watch content from unauthorized regions. Reports say that copyright owners pushed Netflix to take this action largely because rights to stream movies and shows are not sold at varying prices subject to local regulations in different countries. When someone uses a VPN to access unlicensed content in their location, this impacts the payment to the original copyright owner. These practices have prompted Netflix to institute stricter region-lock implementation policies.

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Another aspect at play here is the fact that Netflix has become a content creator itself, as indicated by its recent announcement that the streaming service is on course to spend almost $8 billion on its own productions from 2018 onward. With the success of many of its own movies and shows in recent years, Netflix feels compelled to take copyright law and digital content privacy more seriously.

There is no definitive answer as to when the geo-restrictions will be lifted by Netflix. It pertains to the companies ability to strike deals with content creators or find a way to remove location based streaming restrictions without running into legal issues. But you don’t have to wait that long because it is now possible to get Netflix VPN block in a few simple steps.

What’s Netflix VPN Block?

VPN allows users to access Netflix content from a country whose server is being used to visit the domain. For example, if you use VPN to connect your device to a server in the U.S. and login to your Netflix account, you’ll see lists of movies and shows exclusive to the U.S. But when you play a video, you may see an error “Whoops, something went wrong… Stream Error“. Under this message appears a warning that Netflix has detected an unauthorized attempt to access the website through a proxy server. When this message pops up, it means your VPN is blocked for use on Netflix and you won’t be able to watch content.

netflix block vpn

Please note that this solution to unblock Netflix VPN access may not work on the app version of the streaming service. It works fine when using Netflix through a web browser. Apps can revoke DNS settings and reenable the default ISP. This makes it easier for the Netflix app version to detect VPN and trigger the following warning.

netflix vpn error

How to Watch Netflix by Using a VPN Proxy

Here is a guide on how you can address this annoying problem. First of all, make sure you have an active account with a reliable VPN provider after which you can easily access Netflix via a VPN.

To begin with, download and install your preferred VPN app. After the login, you will be presented with a list of available servers located in different countries. Select the one that is in the country whose Netflix content you want to watch and hit connect button.

To check the status of your VPN, visit This site shows the IP address that is currently activated and its location on the map. Ensure that your IP address is based in the country from where you want to watch Netflix from.

Next, launch your web browser and visit Now you should see the Netflix version corresponding to your current VPN server location. If you selected a U.S. server, content from Netflix U.S. becomes accessible. Sign in to your account and use the site. Now you will be able to watch Netflix content exclusive to the U.S. audience instead of the content in your home country.

This method is applicable for use in all countries. Most popular Netflix versions are from countries like the UK, U.S., and Canada, as they boast a massive content library which is not available in Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Final Words

Netflix seems adamant to make it harder to bypass its regional content-lock. Preemptive measures have become more watertight over the last few years, many of which have succeeded in blocking VPN users. While the move may make sense from the standpoint of copyright laws, it is also controversial in a way that it blocks out users who are concerned about their online privacy.

So this how you can bypass Netflix VPN block and access content not available in your country.