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GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is finally coming to mobile platforms. Developer CD Projekt unveiled that initially, this free-to-play collectible card game based on The Witcher will be available only on iPhone and iPad starting from October 29th, 2019. If you’re an Android user, the official source has mentioned that GWENT will arrive at a later time with no confirmed date announced yet.

That said, there is an alternative way that will allow you to download and install GWENT Apk on your Android device without root. Keep reading to learn how.

On Android, you can now download GWENT: The Witcher Card Game Apk from the link below along with instructions on how to install Apk with +obb/data files to properly set up the game on your phone or tablet.

Following on the success of Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, this Witcher mobile card game features all your favorite characters from the original series. If you’ve already played the original game on PS4, Xbox One or PC platform, all your current progress, and collected cards will carry over. GWENT pre-order is now open on the Apple app listing page.

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GWENT app apk 2019 for the mini-game is the biggest leap in the collectible card genre that the fans of the Witcher franchise will really appreciate. After a lengthy beta testing stage intended to rebalance the game, the full version of The Witcher Card Game Apk is finally here.

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GWENT Apk App Info:

App Name GWENT: The Witcher Card Game
File Size 2.6 GB
Latest Version v1.0.0
Operating System Android 5.0 and up
Developer CD Project Red
Release Date October 29, 2019
Google Play Store GWENT on Play Store

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game Gameplay Review:

GWENT is already popular among players on non-mobile platforms. The basic engine and gameplay mechanics for the mobile iteration are derived from The Witcher series.

The first glimpse was unfurled in the form of a beta version. As discussed earlier, the confirmation of the full version puts to rest any doubts about the release of the game on mobile platforms.

GWENT for Android as well as iOS version contains all the features of the PC version only this time controls have been reconfigured to accommodate touchscreen displays.

The core gameplay is reminiscent of The Witcher 3. However, some changes and tweaks make the card game version more fun to play on smartphones. One key feature includes 3D scenes running simultanesouly as player check out cards. Heated exchanges between characters during the matches add to the element of fun.

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In the beginning, players can swap three cards at the beginning of each match rather than the usual two. Spy cards get more upgraded spells making it difficult to overpower them. Each deck has its own distinct features, which ensures that the balance doesn’t tip too much in one player’s favor.

Auto-syncing means progress and purchases are possible to share between PC and mobile version (linked to the same GOG account), thus enabling players to easily switch platforms and carry on from where left.

Built-in 4K textures on eligible devices enhance the appeal of the game on handheld devices. For now, it supports iPhone 6S or newer, iPad 5th generation and newer, iPad Mini 4 or newer, iPad Air 2 and newer and all iPad Pro models. Android users will have to wait for the official announcement to check if their device is compatible.

Recently, the CD PROJEKT RED channel on Twitch has shared more details about the GWENT challenge. GWENT has in-app purchases to unlock spells, wizards, characters, levels, maps, and more. Android users can rest assured that the mobile version launch is not too far away.

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GWENT The Iron Judgment Preview:

GWENT Apk 2019 gets a new Iron Judgement expansion that was slotted inside the main gameplay on October 2nd. The trailer features Radovid V, the king of Redania, whom you might remember was a permanent fixture of the first two The Witcher games.

You can pre-order Iron Judgement via the official website (though only available on PC for now) for 43.19 Euros.

Here is the complete changelog of the Iron Judgement expansion update:


The North is on the rise and Radovid is back to bring justice to his enemies — the kind of justice that is being served by fire and iron. Stand by his side or defy royal authority — whichever you choose, get ready for some of the fiercest battles in GWENT’s history. Relive the Battle of Brenna, learn the secrets of the Salamandra, or join Gascon’s company of noble criminals — there is plenty of opportunities to get into a fight in GWENT: Iron Judgement.


Utilize new tactics to get advantage on the battlefield, reinforce your decks with elite warriors from all 6 factions, including 21 neutral cards.



  1. For how long Pre-order pack will be sold?Iron Judgement Pre-order pack will be available for purchase only until the expansion releases on 02.10.2019.
  2. When the contents of the pack can be used in the game?You will receive Iron Judgement Pre-order pack immediately after purchase, but it will stay locked until the expansion releases on 02.10.2019. After the release, all owners of the pack will be able to equip ornaments and open their Iron Judgment premium kegs.
  3. What’s inside Iron Judgment premium kegs?Iron Judgment premium kegs will grant you 5 premium cards from Iron Judgment expansion, 4 of which are at least common rarity, and a 5th (chosen from 3 cards) that is guaranteed at least rare rarity.
  4. Can I buy more than 1 Iron Judgment Pre-order pack?No, this is a one-time purchase only.
  5. Which cards can be obtained from Iron Judgment kegs?Only cards from Iron Judgment expansion will be inside.
  6. Will these goodies return to the store after the expansion release?Yes, slightly different versions of these ornaments will eventually return to the store, just not at launch.

GWENT Screenshots:

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GWENT Launch Trailer:

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game Social Media:

GWENT Twitter

Here is the latest update announcement on the official page:

GWENT Facebook

Here is the official GWENT Facebook page for all the latest news and release updates.

GWENT Instagram

The official Instagram account is another source of everything new the developer CD PROJEKT RED is working on.

Download and Install GWENT: The Witcher Card Game Apk Mod +OBB/Data for Android Hack [2019]:

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Download GWENT v1.0.0 Mod Apk + OBB Data by clicking on the link below.

Now go to Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources to allow your Android device to install the .apk file.

Locate the downloaded APK on your phone and tap on it to begin the installation process.

Follow the setup instructions on the screen to properly install the app.

All Done. Click the download link below for a fully working app apk latest version.


How To Play GWENT On Android Devices?

According to this r/gwent Reddit thread, people are sharing their tips on how to download GWENT on Android:

How to play Gwent on Android from r/gwent

GWENT Walkthrough & Patch 4.0 Overview Video:

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