Download GTA: San Andreas For PC Windows 2021 [Legally Licensed Game]

Rockstar Games has thrown in a surprise by providing an avenue to download its popular games via its own dedicated Rockstart Games Launcher app for PC and Xbox One. And none bigger and famous than Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Here is how to get licensed GTA: San Andreas full version free on your Windows 10 device.

There is no doubt that PC game launchers are popular among gamers. Not to be left behind, Rockstar has also entered the arena with an app that contains a library of games developed by the makers of GTA and Red Dead Redemption franchises.

Most players don’t like having to switch clients to launch games. Taking this into account, the game development house has added – for a limited time – its own incentive in the form of a Rockstar Games Launcher that lets you download GTA-V.

rockstar games launcher pc download link

How To Download Grand Theft Auto: Five On PC For Free:

To play GTA – 5 on your computer, you will need the newly released launcher app with Rockstar’s Social Hub bundled inside. The main features of the tool include cloud saves and the latest game updates on release day.

Those interested in buying games through the launcher may be wondering whether it allows purchases based on regional prices.

Although the developer is mute on the prospects of a new title getting pushed to the library on the PC platform, things might clear up on this front soon.

If the rumors of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC are true, this launcher app provides the biggest hint that things are progressing in the right direction. Provided the mega-hit console exclusive title switches over to PC, Rockstar’s launcher will most likely be its only destination.

Up until now, Rockstar has managed to rack up impressive sales numbers on Valve’s Steam store, but terms of the agreement mean that it must share the spoils of success with the platform. So, in an attempt to avoid third-party sales commissions, the studio has released this launcher tool.

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Download GTA: San Andreas On Rockstar Games Launcher

First of all, you need to download Rockstar’s official Games Launcher app from the link below.


Once you’ve installed the launcher, sign in with your Rockstar Social Hun account credentials, and select the game from the list to add it to your library. Enjoy!