Genshin Impact Update Info For Versions 3.7-4.0 Leaked! Here’s More

According to reliable Genshin Impact leaker SYP, the upcoming updates for the game have been revealed. After ver. 3.6 next week, update 3.7, expected to release in May, will introduce a new 4-star character named Kirara, who wields a catalyst and possesses Dendro magic with a cat-themed theme. Kirara’s Elemental Skill is rumored to grant climbing freedom, possibly enhancing stamina or climbing ability. Update 3.8, scheduled for early July, will not feature any new characters. Instead, the game will leap ahead to the highly anticipated 4.0 update in August, which will introduce the Fontaine region and two new characters.

As for the Fontaine region, which is associated with the Hydro element and draws inspiration from 19th/early 20th century France and continental Europe, leaker Uncle A has shared details about upcoming characters. Fontaine is expected to eventually feature seven female 5-star characters and two male 5-star characters. Among them are the long-awaited twins Lynette, an Anemo sword user, and Lyney, a Pyro bow user, as well as the Hydro Archon Focalors. Additionally, Fontaine updates are said to introduce the playable character Arlecchino, also known as The Knave, who is one of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers and has been featured in a Genshin Impact teaser trailer.

What information we do have regarding the cat-themed 4-star character, Kirara, in the 3.7 update thanks to Genshin Impact Leaker Team China, she wields a catalyst and plant-powered Dendro magic. Utilizing an Elemental Skill capable of granting “climbing freedom” coupled with cat-themed attacks, Kirara seems of offer important aid during battles. Here’s a concept art featuring a visual representation of what Kirara is supposed to look like.

It’s important to note that plans for updates in Genshin Impact are subject to change. The game is available on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile platforms, with update 3.6 set to launch on April 12. Updates typically occur every six weeks, with ver. 3.7 expected in May, 3.8 in early July, and 4.0 in August.