Genshin Impact 3.4 Introduces A New Area And More! Learn More Here

Genshin Impact version 3.4 brings a new update of the popular gacha game across all compatible platforms. If you’re a fan of the role-playing game, then mark January 18 on your calendar when the updated Genshin Impact arrives. This update, named “The Exquisite Night Chimes” brings the annual celebration of the Lantern Rite. Moreover, players can look forward to competitions in Inazuma, a new area to participate in, two new characters, and several rewards.

Here is a video trailer providing a preview of the upcoming content:

This Genshin update is bringing two more playable Dendro characters. Finally, gamers will be able to play a 5-star sword wielder, dubbed Alhaitham, after his entertaining exploits in Sumeru’s main storyline. And the second character, named Yaoyao, is a loving child from Liyue that features as a 4-star character. In terms of powers, Yaoyao boasts a polearm and wields the device “Yuegui” crafted with Adeptus to inflict higher damage as well as heal other teammates.

Furthermore, the Lantern Rite returns to Liyue. The year 2023 event consists of a music festival featuring guests from a Paper Theater performance, a prestigious folk art show where local veteran artisans perform assisted by Traveler, in addition to characters from other distant places.

And to access rewards, players need to complete seasonal events and challenges. Additionally, 10 plus 3 intertwined Fates, Lisa’s new outfit, and a four-star Liyue character are available for free.

genshin impact version 3.4

One more welcome feature coming to Genshin Impact in this update is competitions in Inazuma. Yashiro Commission organizes the “Warrior’s Spirit” contest where contestants will duke it out in an exhibition match between Kamisato Ayaka in a new dress and a special guest beside battle using traditional Inazuma sword techniques. Meantime, Arataki Itto is preparing the stage for the “Beetle Brawl”, where contestants duel using their Onikabuto.

Also opens in this update of Genshin Impact is a new area in the Sumeru region. The desert location of Hadramaveth has a massive relentless tornado at its center, hurling tumultuous storms and hidden secrets to the surface. To make it more challenging, players can start a new adventure with Jeht from the Tanit Camps following the World Quest “Golden Slumber”, where they come across a bizarre Magic Bottle and venture out on a journey to find the lost-lost Orchard of Pairdaeza.

Genshin Impact is currently out on PC, iOS, Android, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. The version 3.4 update will land on 18 January.