Fix Galaxy S5 Camera Not Focusing Issue

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a decent mid-range smartphone available at an affordable price. It has several great features that many similarly priced phones lack. Its camera is capable of taking quality images and was considered one of the best at the time of its release. The camera lens and full HD screen sharpen the picture quality on the Galaxy S5. But some users are complaining the their camera is not focusing properly. In this post, we will cover the ways to fix camera not focusing issue.

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There is no doubt that the S5 is a decent handset that features lots of impressive features and specs. It has an amazing camera, which is one of the highlighted features of the device. But nothing is perfect when it comes to digital devices; sooner or later they start showing signs of problems. The same thing is with the Galaxy S5.

The main issue Galaxy S5 users are encountering is that the camera won’t focus where it should be. When you tap on the screen to focus on an object which is merely a few centimeter away, a green circle appears giving an impression that it’s focused when in fact it’s not. The end result is a blurry image. Another issue regarding the Galaxy S5 camera that is reported relates to the lens not moving far enough to take a sharp picture.

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A quick solution that has been found is to focus on something really close and then focus to that thing when you want to take a picture. This has helped many users to take decent photos, but it’s not a foolproof solution as it can get little annoying when you want take several photos quickly. You may end up losing a few shots from not focusing well or while performing extra steps involved in this method.

Often a corrupted app results in the below average image quality. If the camera app is buggy, or having the focusing problem, your phone could take out of focus images. In this case, you have to clear the cache of your camera app in order to bring it back to where it could take photos with accurate focus. For this, head over to the Settings > Application Manager > All Apps and then find the camera app. Click on it and clear its cache. This is equivalent of a factory reset for your phone. Once done, restart your device after which your camera should work as normal.

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If despite cleaning the camera app cache the problem remains, maybe the app installation is the real reason behind the problem. Reboot your phone in safe mode to see if it fixes the issue. Safe Mode disables all install apps. If you don’t notice the problem in the Safe Mode, it means one of the installed apps is the culprit. Find that app and uninstall it or simply perform a factory reset. This is the most efficient way to resolve the problem if you have too many apps installed on your device and locating the faulty app by uninstall apps one by one takes a lot of time.

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