How To Enable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode In The Official App

Want to get Dark Theme for Facebook Messenger application? Here is a guide on how to enable night mode in the Facebook Messenger on Android devices. Facebook’s official messenger is one of the most used instant messaging apps on any platform. It has undergone several improvements over the years in terms of functionality. One of the recent updates brought many welcome changes to the app design, including a feature that is available but inactivated by default. I am talking about Dark Mode, which has become quite a rage.

With close to a billion active users, the Facebook Messenger app serves to improve communication experience for people across the planet through a variety of in-app features. Frequent app updates aim to keep offering new ways for people to connect with each other. However, there is one aspect that still leaves a lot to be desired: the app’s interface. Although the UI has received a lot of treatment recently with a mix of several minor tweaks and major uplifts, there are some changes many prefer to see in their favorite messenger app. Chief among which is the ability to use Dark Mode and easily activate it whenever you like.

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Many popular developers and service providers are already providing Dark Theme within their apps owing to huge demand. File Explorer on Windows 10 offers the option to enable the dark interface. It is possible to get night theme in Google Chrome browser as well. Microsoft Edge browser isn’t behind in this trend. WhatsApp is another popular instant messaging app whose interface can be switched to the darker theme. Even in the Google Phone stock app, it is possible to get a night theme as background interface color. Samsung’s official Experience 10 UI skin also comes with the dark mode option. And if you’re an iOS device user, there is an iDarkMode tweak that makes it possible to turn iPhone/iPad interface to a night background.

The social network giant is yet to approve the final version of this mode which is why it remains unavailable in the official Facebook Messenger and as such, there are not many alternatives available for an average user. However, on the Android side, there is a way to enable the Facebook Messenger dark theme on rooted devices. The process is simple and requires only a few simple steps.

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Enable Dark Theme On The Facebook Messenger App

Dark mode on Facebook Messenger works only on rooted Android phones. If your device is already in rooted state, proceed to the tutorial explained below. Otherwise, get Magisk to quickly root Android.

Required Downloads

Enable Dark Mode

  • First, download the Messenger beta Apk with Dark Mode from the link above and install it on your device. The latest release has dark mode built-in into the beta update.
  • Now launch Termux and enter the following:


Allow superuser/admin rights when prompted.

  • Next, enter the following command:

am start -n “com.facebook.orca/com.facebook.abtest.gkprefs.GkSettingsListActivity”

  • In the resulting menu, select “Search Gatekeepers” and type “dark” on the field.
  • Once done, tap on all the options that say “No” in order to enable the dark mode.
  • Now launch the Messenger app from the home screen or app drawer of your device.
  • Tap on your profile icon, and there you will see a new dark mode option. Select it to enable night theme.

That’s it. You can start using the Messenger application with the Dark theme. If the option doesn’t show in the profile section, restart your device and repeat the whole process above. It might require a few attempts before you get it to work properly.

Source: XDA

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