Enable Always On Display on OnePlus 6T Using Magisk Module

OnePlus 6T doesn’t ship with Always On Display feature out of the box. You have to perform some tweaks in order to enable Always On Display on the OnePlus 6T phone. There are several ways to get Always On Display for OnePlus 6T but most of the solutions are not easy to implement for an average user. In this tutorial, you will learn how to get Always On Displays enabled on your OnePlus 6T through a Magisk Module.

always on display oneplus 6t

OnePlus 6T is the latest flagship smartphone by OnePlus. Unfortunately, it lacks the Always On Display feature which is popular among Android phone users. The full display screen stretches from edge to edge has a small waterdrop styled notch at the top for housing the camera. The 6.41-inch Optic AMOLED screen comes with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels. This stunning display configuration can be maximized to its full potential with Always On Display. However, this feature is not available by default. So how you get Always On Display on the super AMOLED panel of OnePlus 6T? Keep reading to find the solution.

Always On Display is that feature on Android phones which once activated displays the clock and notification information all the time. Even though the screen is always ON, it consumes very little battery power because the AMOLED displays take up very few pixels to transmit black color.

For reasons known only to the OnePlus 6T manufacturer, the device doesn’t come with Always On display. Fans of the device are not shying away from voicing their bemusement at the company’s decision to not offer this highly popular feature. AOD is useful to a lot of people. It saves users the hassle to pick up the device to see if any new notification is lying there for them to read. This is why many people prefer this facility on their phones.

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Android developers have been able to crack the code with the help of a Magisk module to enable AOD on any OnePlus 6T device. Simple install the Module and enable it to start using AOD. Here is how to do it.

Get Always On Display Feature on OnePlus 6T

You need to root your device and also have the latest Magisk tool installed on it. If your OnePlus 6T is already rooted, proceed to the installation steps. If it is not rooted, here is a guide on how to root your OnePlus 6 using Magisk. Also, download Magisk Module and Magisk Tool here or click here to get Magisk v17.3,zip, and Magisk Manager v6.0.1 Apk.

Downloads Always On Display Module

After setting up Magisk and rooting your device with it, the next step is to download the actual module. Get it from the link below.

How To Install Always On Display
  1. Download the module from the link above and save it to your device.
  2. Now launch Magisk Manager and head over to Modules.
  3. Tap the yellow Plus button and locate the download zip file.
  4. Tap and hold on the zip file and select Open in the context menu.
  5. Let the module install on your device and restart it once done.

That’s all. Wait for the phone boot to complete. Turn off the screen of your device and you will now see the Always On Display on your OnePlus 6T lock screen. If you have changed your mind, you can disable it from the Settings. Some users are having difficulty in uninstalling the module, if this is the case then try disabling it instead.

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