Eclipse Emulator IOS Download Latest Version With No Revoke For iPhone And iPad [2021]

Here you can download Eclipse Emulator to install the latest version with no revoke enabled on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 13, iOS 14, and iOS 15 without jailbreak. This no-revoke Eclipse Emulator tool allows players to run any sort of Gameboy Advance as well as Gameboy Classic Games on their iOS devices with no jailbreak required.

Eclipse Emulator Gameboy support is added in the new update available in the download link below. The straightforward step by step installation guide below will explain everything you need to know about using the Eclipse Emulator iOS version to play games on Apple devices.

Eclipse Gba Emulator is an advanced browser-based games emulator based on a modern feature software set for playing GBA, NES, GB, and GBC games. You can use its web browser on virtually all devices.

But before you proceed to the Eclipse Emulator download tutorial below, let me walk you through everything you need to know about Eclipse the multi-emulator that can never be revoked on iPhone iOS 13 and other compatible devices.

eclipse emulator ios download

Eclipse Emulator Overview:

Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Classic titles are popular among iPhone and iPad users. However, Apple’s restrictions on what it allows on iOS get in the way of using third-party apps and games on its devices.

With that in mind, developers behind the Eclipse Emulator 2021 edition have released an improved iteration of their tool. What sets Eclipse apart from other alternative emulators such as iNDS and Delta is that it never gets revoked. This provides an effective option to users who are looking to avoid a critical issue plaguing most iOS emulators related to frequent revocation resulting in unexpected crashes and freezes while playing games or running apps.

Apple swiftly acts to terminates the licenses of any third-party emulator that violates its terms and conditions, sometimes merely hours after their release.

Thankfully, this is not a problem with the Eclipse Emulator for iPhone anymore. All of these improvements are owed to a unique installation method of choosing GBC and GBA games within the tool.

eclipse emulator download

Eclipse Emulator App Main Features:

New features in the Eclipse Emulator app’s latest version offer Google Drive integration, different UI Skins, and much more.

Additionally, it comes with support for the following game systems:

  • GBA
  • GB
  • GBC
  • GG
  • NES
  • SMS
  • SNES (may not work as the development phase is still in the experimental stage)

Developers have announced that they’re planning to include support for more systems soon.

eclipse emulator gba

Best Ways To Add Games:

Adding games is simple.

Here’s are three ways showing how to add games to Eclipse Emulator:

  1. The first method to add games to escape Apple’s revoke system is by sideloading them from a webpage online through a web browser. Simply upload GBA ROMs or GBC ROMs to Google Drive. Eclipse will then access Google Drive to fetch the uploaded ROMs which you can then quickly launch. The entire process takes place online, not on your iPhone. This is perhaps the reason games installed via Eclipse Emulator avoid falling inside Apple’s detection radar.
  2. The second method involves using the Game Hub. This includes adding ROMs from an external repository, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.
  3. The third method is adding the ROM directly from a URL along with the name and the Box art.

All of the above three methods are simple to use so that you can focus on what you are using this tool for – play games.

best gba emulator for ios

Web-Based Emulator With No Revoke:

The majority of web-based emulators fail to perform their intended function seamlessly. Slight niggles here and there aside they do offer some advantages. One of them is the completely web-based experience to ensure reliable performance over an extended period of time without getting banned from the manufacturer.

Eclipse Emulator web-based system means that all activity takes place on the web. This ability allows for its use on any sufficiently powered device connected to the internet and a web browser app on it.

Furthermore, using apps on the internet won’t leave any footprint on the iPhone or iPad. This gives a huge advantage to iOS users as they would be able to keep playing their favorite games even without going through Apple’s authentication process.

eclipse emulator ios

Eclipse Emulator Download Requirements:

If you want to play Gameboy classic and Gameboy Advance titles, here are the following installation prerequisites you need to properly set up the tool on iOS 13 or later:

  • Download the Google Drive app from the App Store. Skip if it’s already on your device.
  • Login to your Google Drive.
  • Install the Files application from the Apple App Store, if not already installed.
  • You’ll also need the unzip app if you’re using iOS 12 or below.

Make sure you have the latest version of the Safari browser as you’ll be needing it to perform the steps explained in the tutorial below.

Discover More:

Download Eclipse Emulator For iPhone And iPad:

Here are the steps to download Eclipse Emulator on your device:

Step 1: Launch the Safari browser.

Step 2: Head over to this page to download Eclipse.

Step 3: Wait for the page to load and click on the Share button located at the bottom of the interface screen.

eclipse emulator share

Step 4: Now, in the Sharing menu, hit the Add to home screen option.

eclipse emulator add to home screen

Step 5: This will create the Eclipse Emulator app shortcut in the app drawer on your home screen.

Step 6: Now open Eclipse and select the aspect ratio you prefer.

eclipse emulator display mode

Step 7: Also, select the desired Eclipse theme for use on the emulator tool.

Step 8: Now follow any on-screen instructions to complete the Eclipse set up process.

eclipse emulator close setup

Step 9: That’s it.

Final Words:

That’s all you need to learn for the successful setup of the Eclipse Emulator. This iOS emulator never gets revoked because it has an entirely unique way of game installation. No play any game on iPhone or iPad without interruption.

Have you tried one of the best emulators on your device? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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