Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven For PC (Windows / MAC)

Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven is the latest entry into the famous Dungeon Hunter game franchise by Gameloft. This year’s release brings an extra story of the series. The Dungeon Hunter series was first introduced back in 2003 and it immediately captured the imaginations of RPG fans. This game is an additional version of the five part series of Dungeon Hunter. Developers have named this version Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven. In this game, players enter classic battle modes with legendary warrior characters returning in an all new style. Fans of the Dungeon Hunter games can afford to miss out on this one.

dungeon hunter 6 curse of heaven pc win 10


As for the gameplay, the main background story is linked to the previous fifth part of Dungeon Hunter. The fantasy world is still plagued by the fierce and hideous monsters. They are running rampant destroying last vestiges of a civilized world. Your character is basically a bounty hunter who travels across the realm in search of next adventure. Hunt down monsters and restore peace to the world. You also get bonuses in terms of increased values and skills for each successful hunt. So go out there and fight the beasts.

dungeon hunter 6 curse of heaven win 10

Dungeon Hunter: Curse of Heaven is styled on traditional RPG familiar to most players. Start the game by choosing your character. Then, you will be given some instructions as to your missions and gameplay. Follow the tips and tricks to start your journey on the front foot. You will guided throughout your journey regarding various playing operations. The rewards for completing missions include: gold, coins, skills, new equipment, power ups and more. Dungeon Hunter: Curse of Heaven has lots of interesting side-quests and levels for quick rewards.

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You have to play side missions for health, XP and recovery because fighting monsters is going to inflict heavy damage and loss of energy to your character. Defeating powerful bosses will require all best tools at your disposal. One wrong move could prove fatal for your heroes. So keep focusing throughout missions and don’t let your guard down for a second otherwise the end will be swift.

dungeon hunter 6 curse of heaven pc

The Dungeon Hunter: Curse of Heaven has different character classes such as Gladiator, Shadownman, Sorcerer, and others. Each character class has its own skills, attributes and weak points. You will get instructions on how to play each character and maneuver them skillfully. Combine all the skills to optimize the power of your warriors. You will have to kill monsters using fewer moves and without losing too much health.

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Dungeon Hunter: Curse of Heave is produced by Gameloft which is a well known game development house. It has used all its skills to design powerful 3D visuals, realistic characters moves and movements and images. It is optimized to run on low powered devices. You can adjust its graphics according to your device’s hardware.

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All in all, Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven is an attractive game which is suitable for players who like action and role-playing titles designed in great graphics. It is hottest game in Dungeon Hunter series right now. It now supports Android firmware to play on mobile devices via Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven APK. iOS users will have to wait a bit longer to play this game. You can download Dungeon Hunter 6 APK from the link below or follow the guide below to install and run Dungeon Hunter 6 for PC.

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Now let’s see how to download and install Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven for PC on your computer. You can play Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven on PC using Android Emulator tool for Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and macOS. But first, visit our Apps for PC section to check out more.

Download Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven for PC

1 – Download your favorite Android emulator from official links here.

2 – Follow on-screen instructions to set up Android Emulator on your PC Windows or Mac.

3 – Launch your Android app player tool on computer.

4 – Search Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven and install it through your emulator tool’s play store.

5 – You can also directly install this game on your Android app emulator by downloading Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven APK linked here. Make sure that you have selected your Android Emulator as default program to run Android APKs on PC or right-click on the APK file and select the emulator tool in the contextual menu.

6 – Once installed, go to the All Apps tab or home screen of your Android emulator and click on the game’s icon.

7 – Grant all the necessary app permissions and start using Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven for PC on your desktop or laptop.

That’s all for Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven on PC (Windows & MAC) guide. For further assistance, drop your questions in the comments section below. Stay tuned for latest tech tips, tricks, news and guides via our social media pages.

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