Download Kodi Version 18 Leia for Android / iOS [Kodi 18 APK & IPA]

Kodi Leia version 18 RC2 has been released on all compatible platforms. Download Kodi 18 on your device Android smartphone or Apple iPhone / iPad using APK or IPA file. The Kodi v18 RC2 means that the official final version release is just around the corner. Keep reading to learn how to get Kodi 18 RC2 update.

The release candidate 2 for Kodi is now available with plenty of improvements to the functionalities. The developer behind Kodi has this to say about this flight: “the current v18 version has been proven to be quite solid to use as a daily driver for those who were brave enough to try it out.” This statement conveys a message that we are not far from the eventual rollout of Kodi 18 full version.

If you’re confident about using this update as your daily driver, make sure to first backup existing Kodi data so that you have something to fall back on in case the installation process doesn’t work.

kodi leia 18 download

This release has undergone plenty of tweaks. Here is a complete release note issued with the update. You can get a complete overview of the changes over at the official Kodi Leia 18 Github repository.

Update documentation regarding Python and Skin development: Kodi Doxygen

Linux powermanagement: change logind detection to also use Dbus

Android: Fix playback for some PVR add-ons

Fix performance issue in PVR recording sub menu by reducing number of resume point update requests

Android: Assign joysticks in order of MRU (last activation)

Fix crash when an add-on did not define a version number

VideoPlayer: fix state of a/v players after switching refresh rate

Add new setting that allows to hide “spoiler” text for TV shows or movies

kodi 18 download

If you want to download the new update on your device, but bear in mind that this is not a completely polished iteration of the software and could contain bugs and errors that can impair user experience. That said, lots of positive noise has been generated around this candidate release, which probably alludes to the fact that is the most stable update of the Kodi 18 Leia yet.

You can download Kodi 18 APK for Android or Kodi 18 IPA for iPhone from the official link at