Download iOS 15 Beta And iPadOS 15 Beta For iPhone And iPad [2021 Update]

You can now download and install iOS 15 beta and iPadOS 15 beta on all compatible iPhone and iPad models before the public release to enjoy new features and updates to Apple’s official mobile firmware for smartphone and tablet devices. Here are different methods you can use to flash the new operating system on your device.

Get iOS 15 And iPadOS 15 Beta To Use The Latest Firmware Features Right Away:

Apple recently concluded WWDC 2021 where it revealed iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 to the developer community.

Even better, we now have access to the open beta updates that are ready for anyone interested to install on their own devices. There are multiple channels through which you can perform the installation, depending on your preference. We have highlighted all of the available routes down below.

Note: All these methods require you to have a fully working Apple Developer Account membership. New users can sign up for one right here.

Keep in mind it is recommended that before you proceed to install these betas, make sure to use a spare device other than the one that serves as your daily driver. One major drawback of using early betas is the performance unpredictability given initial releases may contain a number of bugs and stability problems. Mostly, these issues hit the battery life that hardest due to the lack of underlying software optimization in the beginning periods. With that noted, if you still want to go forward, then keep reading.

Make sure your device comes with support for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. Thankfully, the 2021 iOS update works on devices that are compatible with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, so it should operate seamlessly on most of the active devices.

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Download iOS 15 / iPadOS 15 Over The Air

First, and the simple method involves downloading the iOS configuration file directly onto your iPhone or iPad via an over-the-air (OTA) update. No need for cables or computers to flash the OS.

For more, learn the steps in the following link:

Clean Install iOS 15 And iPadOS 15 Betas

The second method which is a bit more technical in detail gives you an option to perform a clean installation. This solution is for those who want to avoid install errors that can often accompany a new big firmware release. Moreover, if you are looking to get a fresh start on a new beta then this is the best route to take.

You can find more information about the process at the following link:

Download IOS 15 And IPADOS 15 Betas Free

For a full free public beta, you’ll have to wait until the end of July to get your hands on one. Once officially available, you can test the betas on a compatible device. But for that, you will have to sign up at to receive the public beta right now.

To know more on how to download the new betas for free, check out the link below:

So these are the three routes you have at your disposal to download and install the latest version 15 of iOS beta and iPadOS beta firmware on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.