Download HTC Sense 10 Launcher Apk for All Android Devices

Here download and install HTC Sense 10 Launcher APK on any Android device. The latest version of the application has been updated with improvements and fixes. HTC Launcher APK is available in the download link below. Follow the instructions to set up HTC Launcher on your Android smartphone or tablet.

htc sense launcher apk

Manufacturers of Android devices release their own versions of stock launchers. HTC may not be doing so well as a company in terms of smartphone sales lately, but its HTC Sense is still one of the best Android Launchers out there.

The HTC 10 Launcher version 10.00.1048013 is the latest iteration of the popular tool. The revamped interface, settings, and navigations remind of Samsung TouchWiz. To go with the revamped UI, HTC Sense 10 also has several new applications.

HTC 10 Launcher

HTC Launcher makes it possible for the fans of the HTC mobile interface to keep using their favorite tool on other Android phones without having to put up with the frustratingly below-par recent smartphone lineup from the company. You can switch to a handset from another Android OEM while still using HTC UI via HTC Sense 10 launcher.

This HTC Sense launcher update keeps all the best elements of the previous versions and at the same time brings the overall experience in line with the modern smartphone displays and gestures. The launcher theme can easily be replaced with other themes if you want to change the look of the entire display screen.

In order to get the new HTC Launcher, you need to download the HTC Sense 10 Launcher APK from the link below. Also, see the instructions to learn how to install HTC 10 Launcher on any Android device.

HTC Launcher

Download HTC 10 Launcher APK

Version 10.00.1048013 of HTC Launcher features:

Your Home is our Home, so we’re always working to improve it. Every new Sense Home release is designed to enhance your experience, whether it’s fixing bugs or adding new features.
– Bug fixes and performance improvements

To get the latest HTC Sense 10 Launcher APK, click on the download link below. The HTC Launcher APK is free to download on all compatible devices.

Install HTC Launcher APK on Android

  1. Download the HTC Launcher APK file from the link above and save it to your phone’s storage.
  2. Using your file manager, locate the APK and tap to install it. Allow “Unknown Sources” if required.
  3. Once the installation is complete, press the home key on your phone and select the HTC Senes Launcher which should set as your default launcher.
  4. That’s it. You can start using HTC Sense 10 Launcher.

If you want to remove this launcher, go to Settings > Applications > All / Running > HTC Sense > Clear Defaults. This takes you back to the previous default launcher.