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Folder Guard is a security program designed to make it convenient for users to access folders, files and other Windows items through a single, intuitive interface. Folder Guard is powered by advanced data protection technology that helps you lock your personal files and folders with passwords. You can use this tool password-protection software to protect Windows folders with passwords, hide files and folders, restrict access to Windows Control Panel, and more.

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This software is suitable for use on devices connected to both private and public networks. Since its first release back in 1997, Folder Guard has improved to handle modern security challenges and complex online and offline threats involving user data and privacy. Folder Guard latest version 18.3 download links are given below, you can use it anywhere in the world. This data protection software works on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and even XP, including all service packs and versions. Folder Guard is available for large corporations, small businesses, schools, police departments, universities, libraries and hospitals to name a few.

If you want to prevent others from snooping around your important personal and work related data contained in files and folders, this security utility is the one you should definitely try on your Windows PC. Moreover, you can use this tool to hide your private folders from all applications installed on your device. Protected folders remain hidden until you enter a valid password. There are many uses of Folder Guard security software: you can use it to protect critical system files from unauthorized access and modification, restrict access to Control Panel, disable access to the removable drives to prevent data transfer onto external storage device without your knowledge.

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Only those you authorize can gain access to password protected files and folders. This is useful in busy work environment where you want to protect critical information saved on a Windows PC from getting leaked or falling into wrong hands. Folder Guard offers many benefits to home users as well. There is no limit to the number of folders you can password protect using Folder Guard. You can use separate passwords for each folder or secure them using a single code and then use that Master Password of Folder Guard to unlock them all at once.

Why Folder Guard?

Folder Guard has many advantages that makes it a quality security program on Windows platform. Let’s take a look at what can be accomplished using this data protection tool.

Hide your personal folders from others

Folder Guard hides your private folders, or makes them appear empty to unauthorized individuals. The hidden items cannot be accessed through any program, including Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office, MS-DOS program, etc.

Control access to files and programs

You get complete control over who can access files and programs. No one, not even administrators, can use the system tools linked to the Windows installation and modification processes. Only you and someone with the Master password are allowed to use important functions protected by Folder Guard. Furthermore, you can designate the backup programs as trusted, that allows them to backup your protected files in the background without requiring password every time.

Easy data and file recovery in case of emergency

In case you forgot your password, or having other problems, simply download the Emergency Recovery Utility for Folder Guard from the links below to quickly restore access to your protected folder. These downloads are free, no purchase is required.

Password-protect and restrict file / folder access

Password protection secures your documents, folders, and access to personal files. This adds a layer of security on your personal data. You can allow certain users to change computer settings via Control Panel, while denying others through Folder Guard.

Protect files without encryption

Folders Guard ensures that you never lose your documents unlike if you have them protected through encryption key. All your files remain intact without modification.

Stealth Mode

You can set Folder Guard in stealth mode, to hide its own files and shortcuts from being seen by other users.

Block access to the USB, CD/DVD and other removable drives

Configure Folder Guard to allow or block access to the removable drivers, USB, CD, DVD, and other type of external storage. This feature restricts user’s ability to run or install unauthorized programs on your computer, as well as prevents data transfers without your knowledge.

folder guard for windows 10

Here is a snapshot of the rest of the main features of Folder Guard security utility:

  • Protects files and folders on both NTFS and FAT/FAT32 disks.
  • Set a specific keyboard combination as your Folder Guard hot key to quickly enable or disable protection of your computer. Hot keys can be protected with your password.
  • Intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to use this program.
  • Setup wizard guides you through the installation process, setting up the password protection and other basic details.
  • Offers possible workarounds in situations where you get stuck.
  • Folder Guard users guide describes its commands and operations in simple terms.
  • Besides restricting access to folders located on a NTFS drivers, the program allows you to hide them, or make them look empty. Windows doesn’t hide folders; it just regulates access to them, which is why this file and folder protection software provides an effective alternative.
  • You can set your anti-virus and other disk management tools to be used as “trusted” programs. This makes them work seamlessly with your Folder Guard protected disks without restrictions.
  • Corporate customers get a separate Folder Guard Administrator’s Kit that contains files allowing the system admins to quickly deploy Folder Guard to a large number of computers.
  • Fine tune access rules to files and folders of your computer by creating appropriate filers.

Folder Guard for PC – Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1 – Download Links

Here you can get the download links to paid and free trial versions of the Folder Guard security program for Windows PC.

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