How To Downgrade iOS 14 Beta To iOS 13.5.1 On iPhone And iPad [2020]

Here is how to downgrade iOS 14 beta 1 and iPadOS 14 beta 1 to iOS 13 on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch devices the easy way.

Apple has unveiled iOS 14 beta 1 IPSW with all the new features and improvements to its mobile operating system. Although the changes to UI and other stock apps give the firmware a futuristic look it may not appeal to everyone.

Considering this is a beta update, it might contain bugs that can impact your device’s performance for the worse. In that case, downgrading iOS 14 beta 1 to the latest version of iOS 13 would be a safer option until Apple releases a stable public beta update in the next few weeks.

Beta updates result in a lot of issues in their early development cycle. A faulty beta build can cause your device to slow down, crash, glitchy features, etc.

downgrade ios 14 beta to ios 13

iOS beta updates are far from the finished product and Apple is aware of it. That’s why the Cupertino tech company leave an option open for users to downgrade iOS to a previous version.

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Downgrade iOS 14 Beta 1 / iPadOS Beta 1 To iOS 13 [2020]:

It is better to wait for the iOS 14 public beta for a stable performance. So if you have already installed iOS 14 / iPadOS beta 1 on your iPhone or iPad, here are the steps to downgrade iOS 14 / iPadOS 14 beta 1 to iOS 13 using a simple process.

Before you start make sure to backup your device data is backed up on iTunes or iCloud. Then, follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Download the latest iOS 13/iPadOS 13 IPSW file and save it on your computer. Get the correct file for your device model otherwise downgrade will not work.

Step 2 – Connect your iOS device to a Mac or PC Windows using a USB-C cable for iPad or a Lightning cable for iPhone or iPod touch.

Step 3 – Launch iTunes on your device and click on a little iPhone/iPad icon on the left side of the interface to reveal more options.

Step 4 – Now press the Shift key (Windows) or the left Option key (Mac) and click on the Restore iPhone button without letting go of the keyboard key.

Step 5 – Select the iOS 13 IPSW or iPadOS 13 IPSW you downloaded in step-1.

Step 6 – Wait as the iTunes program extract the firmware file. The restore process may take a few minutes so do not use your computer in the meanwhile.

Step 7 – Once the firmware restore process is complete, you will be greeted with a Hello screen to set the device up as new or restore from an existing backup.

Step 8 – That’s all.

As mentioned earlier, early beta updates are far from stable so it is best to wait for a stable update to come along before flashing them onto your device. Public betas are more stable.