DirectX 12 Ultimate For NVIDIA RTX GPUs On Windows 10 Is Here

Nvidia has released the latest driver update that brings DirectX 12 Ultimate support for RTX GPUs on Windows 10 devices. Additionally, GPU scheduling is incorporated into the NVIDIA driver version 451.48 on compatible devices.

The June 2020 driver update for Nvidia RTX graphics cards on Windows 10 now adds Microsoft DirectX Ultimate coupled with GPU Scheduling on devices running Windows 10 version 2004 (May 2020 update).

Devices running on Windows OS utilize DirectX 12 technology for the creation and management of games, multimedia elements (audio and visual effects), and images. Basically, DirectX is the foundation that keeps PC gaming stable.

The DirectX12 original version has been upgraded to the Ultimate version which may not bring too many significant changes to the functionalities, but it performs an important task of ensuring the smooth running of features and assets in Xbox and Windows games.

rtx gpu driver update for directX 12 ultimate

DirectX 12 Ultimate Gets Nvidia RTX GPUs Support On Windows 10:

Nvidia with the new driver update is providing developers a capability to optimize games and graphics for the latest Nvidia RTX cards and the Xbox Series X console to be released later this year.

Nvidia driver v154.48 also adds GPU scheduling that hardware-acceleration directly monitors and controls.

This is made possible due to an inclusion of a new latency reduction feature in the May 2020 update for Windows 10. It helps improve the overall performance as it allows the graphics card to exert unhindered control over its own memory.

How To Enable DirectX 12 Ultimate Support For Nivida RTX GPU:

Now to enable the new features, you must first download the Nvidia driver version 451.48 from the official website or use the GeForce Experience app on Windows 10 to upgrade.

When the driver installation is complete, navigate to Settings > Display > Graphics settings, here you will see the Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling toggle switch. Turn on the toggle switch.

Restart your computer to apple the settings. Once done, the feature is enabled.

Moreover, the new driver update also includes the GeForce Experience one-click optimal settings (OPS) support for a dozen more games. The G-Sync support is now expanded to nine new displays.