Dino War Mod Apk Version 1.6.3 with Unlimited Crystals, Gems & Gold Coins

Here you can download latest Dino War 1.6.3 Mod Apk for Android devices. This modded apk for Dino War gives you unlimited diamonds, crystals, gems and gold coins. You can use unlocked money in Dino War mod apk to upgrade resources, weapons, energy, skills and others useful items in order to progress quickly in this epic saga full of dinosaurs. Dino War version 1.6.3 was released on August 27, 2018. But developers have already cracked the code to unlock unlimited money for players. So if you do not want to wait to gain access to all the required resources that require lots of in-game currency to unlock, download Dino War 1.6.3 Apk with coins, crystals and diamonds hack for free.

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Dino War Gameplay:

Dino War v1.6.3 mod apk takes you into a whole new world of MMO strategy games. Game premise revolves around your character who has to save the earth from the rampant Jurassic giants who have turned against humans. Mechanical T-Rex, gorillas, and other monstrous creatures are destroying everything in their path. You are the last hope of humanity. Gather whatever you can to mount a resistance.

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Your first mission is to survive a massive wave of attacks from beasts. After successfully repelling the attack, your next tasks is to create a team of heroes to plan counterattacking moves. You can control dinosaurs and upgrade their powers using in-game currency.

In a global community, players from different countries come to participate in online battles. You can form alliance with others to play as team or go solo.

The latest update of Dino Wars brings some optimization to the game engine and system stability fixes. Dino Wars version 1.6.3 is updated for Android devices, you can download the original locked version on Google Play Store. For hacked Dino War 1.6.3 mod apk, continue reading.

Dino War: Rise of Beasts Version 1.6.3:

1. Institute War: The Commander who defeats the New Dawn Occupants in the Central Institute will be the Leader of the Resistance!
2. Chaos Canyon: As a secret research facility, the Canyon is too dangerous for humans, but your Beasts are ready to get in there and shake things up!
3. Commanders will receive free upgrade rewards each time when their Bases level up.
4. If any commander suffers major battle losses, he/she will receive compensation from the Resistance for a better recovery.
dino war apk mod hack

Dino War 1.6.3 Mod:

In the latest Dino War Modded Apk, you will be able to get:

  • Unlimited Crystals
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • VIP 8 Privilege
  • Fast Building

You can use all this currency to build your base, upgrade battle power, stamina, HQ, unlock speedups and much more.

Download and Install Dino War v1.6.3 Modded Apk for Android:

The developers KingsGroup Holdings have introduced some critical bug fixes and optimization that makes Dino War 1.6.3 mod apk even more enjoyable to play on Android devices. Here are the steps to install the update manually:

1 – Download the Dino War Mod Apk or get latest update via APK here.

2 – Now, before doing anything else, make sure that the Unknown Source option is enabled in Settings app. Go to Settings > Privacy (or Security, in some Android versions) and turn the Unknown Sources toggle to ON position, if its OFF.

3 – Uninstall any previous game installation on your device. Mod APK doesn’t overwrite previous version and may not work, so uninstall previous version of Dino War.

4 – When done, install latest Dino War update.

That’s all. Enjoy the Dino War mod unlimited money hacked app on Android and share with friends. Follow us to get latest updates on popular apps, games and tutorials.

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