Diablo Immortal Allegedly Getting A New Class Named The Blood Knight! Learn More Here

A brand new first class is about to become part of Diablo Immortal, according to discovery courtesy WoWHead. Despite Diablo IV undergoing several vexing delays, production work on the mobile version of the popular MMORPG is progressing forward full steam in the meantime. For the fans of the franchise, this development should come as a welcome relief especially considering Diablo Immortal is very likely the only new game in the series to see the light of day this year.

Just recently, developers of the mobile MMOARPG concluded work on its alpha testing followed by Closed Beta. With that, wheels are in motion to give finishing touches to every aspect of the gameplay before the full launch on Android and iOS possibly sometime in the first half of 2022.

On top of that, the game‘s roaster might get a new class. Even better, this debutant class is unheard-of in the history of this beloved title. So brace yourself for the ‘Blood Knight’.

diablo immortal blood knight

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The epicenter of this rumor combed through the Chinese client files related to Diablo Immortal in which they spotted a male character along with multiple spell descriptions beside tooltips.

Skill Description
Dash Stab When the target moves away from you, you will dash. When the target is in front of you, you will launch a barrage.
Stab and Smash Pierce an enemy in front up with a pike and deal damage to it, then throw it onto the ground, dealing damage to all nearby enemies and Stunning them.
Dark Conduits Shoot multiple veins ahead to link the enemies while dealing damage. It pulls enemies in its path toward it while dealing damage.
Bloodsuck Continues to drain the life of surrounding enemies, continuously dealing damage and adding a draining effect.
Bat Troop The Blood Knight summons a bat troop in a certain area for X seconds. While active, you can use the skill again to command the bat troop. Bat Troop will automatically track nearby enemies. Inflicts X damage to enemies within range every X seconds.
Shadow Mass It gives you and your allies around a decoy force state. For every {3} regular attacks launched, a decoy will be generated to copy your attacks.
Shadow Spear Toss a shadow spear ahead, dealing damage to all enemies in the path. Long-press the skill to charge, increasing flight distance, range, and damage.
Dark Edge If the enemy runs away from you, throw Bloodcrush as a ranged attack. If the enemy is near you, use Bloodblade as a melee attack.
Rotary Sweep Sweep attack the enemies by rotating the spear three times, dealing up to $ damage to nearby targets. You can move while attacking.
Blackfogs Your body releases a black fog that lingers for X seconds, affecting nearby opponents. Monsters in the black fog are Charmed to attack other monsters. Opponents in the black fog cannot use Smart Cast.
Blood Demon Gain Evil Blood when killing an enemy. When you have enough of it, you may cast the skill and turn to Blood Demon for X seconds.
Blood Demon: Bloodstrike Strike a blood wave forward, inflicting damage on enemies in its path while knocking them away.

Having said that, it goes without mentioning that there is no concrete information out as to whether this class will make it in time for launch. Taking into account what’s transpiring over there at Blizzard studios at present, it should not come as a surprise that it arrives in one of the post-release updates, probably.

For now, the confirmed Diablo classes consist of the Crusader, the Barbarian, the Monk, the Wizard, the Demon Hunter, and the Necromancer. All of these you might notice come from previous Diablo games. What are your thoughts about the possible introduction of the Blood Knight, based on the leaked descriptions of skills? Feel free to share your views in the comments sections below.

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