Download Checkra1n 0.12.1 Full Jailbreak With Partial HomePod Support Added [November 2020]

Here you can download Checkra1n Jailbreak 0.12.1 November 2020 update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with partial support for HomePod added into the latest version of the iOS 14 jailbreak tool. This is a big update including several critical bug fixes, new features, and a flurry of under-the-hood improvements to ensure device stability. Check complete Checkra1n 0.12.1 release notes and changelog below.

This update fixes issues many users were reporting with the most recent version of the iOS jailbreak tool.

checkra1n jailbreak 0.12.1

Checkra1n Jailbreak 0.12.1 Bug Fixes:

Here is a full list of fixes that include:

  • Fixes an issue that would often cause Safe Mode to be entered on iOS 14.2 regardless of whether the user requested it or not
  • Safe Mode no longer loads 3rd-party LaunchDaemons
  • NVRAM is now unlocked on iOS 14.2 as well
  • Fixes an issue where jailbreaking an AppleTV fail on fresh tvOS installations
  • The bundled dd binary now has the entitlement required to access block devices
  • Fixes multiple memory leaks in early-boot binaries
  • Changes some GUI internals that should reduce the chance of exploit failure and GUI hiccups

There is much more than just bug fixes though. You will also enjoy HomePod support that enables users to perform tweaks in order to utilize the device in more ways than originally intended by Apple.

What’s New In Checkra1n 0.12.1 Update:

Here are all the new features included in the checkra1n 0.12.1 jailbreak tool:

  • Adds an on-device alert to indicate checkra1n’s Safe Mode is active
  • Adds support for iBridge SSH from the same host
  • Partial support for the original HomePod (CLI only, tested to work with audioOS 13 and 14)

Now to download the full version you need to click on the link below to get the installation file directly from the official source.

Download Checkra1n Jailbreak 0.12.1 For iPhone And iPad:

The free latest version of the fully updated Checkra1n tool is available in the link below which will take you to the original developer site from where you can get your hands on the more stable iOS 14 jailbreak app.


Once downloaded, you can use the tool to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad by following the instructions in the tutorial here.

The update is compatible only with macOS and Linux. Windows PC users will have to wait until developers support Microsoft’s operating system for the purpose of jailbreaking iOS devices.

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