How To Check If Your PC Can Run Windows 11

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to check if your PC is compatible with Windows 11 operating system. As promised, Microsoft started pushing Windows 11 OS to compatible devices meeting the minimum hardware requirements after months of preview testing in its Insider Program. Since the launch of the latest Windows 10 back in 2015, Microsoft keeps issuing major firmware releases free for eligible devices. With the global rollout of Windows 11 already initiated, the free upgrade is also available to download on desktop and laptop computers that qualify for it.

With that, many users are looking for ways to ascertain whether their device can run Windows 11. To serve such people, Microsoft offers a health checker tool that went live recently. Basically, the health checker performs verification checks to determine if your device makes the cut for Windows 11 upgrade via installation assistant or other methods.

check if your pc can run windows 11

Windows 11 Upgrade Free For Eligible Devices:

Before proceeding to download the latest Windows copy, you will have to first make sure of your device’s compatibility status with the new Windows 11. This is possible using the Health Checker app available free-to-download in the link below.

When you run the health checker, it makes it easier for you to find out whether the upgrade to Windows 11 can go through on your device or not. This serves an important time-saving function simply because the company has announced some drastic changes to minimum system requirements for Windows 11 which all interested users should know about beforehand.

Once you install the tool, just follow on-screen instructions to complete the process after which you’ll see the following message:

“Introducing Windows 11. Let’s check if this PC meets the system requirements. If it does, you can get the free upgrade when it’s available.”

As it turns out, this health checker not only checks for the system minimum requirements but also combs through software to locate potential support issues. Apparently, several users are reporting receiving the following error message alert:

this pc can't run windows 11

Moreover, there is also the TPM 2.0 requirement added for security reasons. So check if your PC has TPM and make sure it’s properly enabled to prevent unforeseen errors during the Win 11 installation stage.

Check If Your PC Windows 10 Is Compatible With Windows 11:

Step 1: Download the PC Health Checker app on your device.

Step 2: Upon seeing a prompt asking if you want to run this file, click the Run button.

Step 3: On the setup screen, accept terms and conditions before clicking the Install button.

Step 4: This will initiate the installation process, which normally takes a few minutes.

Step 5: Once the program is ready, you will see a window with two checkboxes.

Step 6: Select the Open Windows PC Health Check option and hit the Finish button.

Step 7: You’ll now see the “PC health at a glance” screen.

Step 8: Here, under the Introducing Windows 11 section, hit the Check now button.

Step 9: Let the app finish scanning your device. In the end, you’ll either get the “This PC can Windows 11” or “This PC can’t run Windows 11” message.

Step 10: That’s it.

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