Best Pokemon GO IV Calculator 2018 [100% Working]

The initial euphoria that surrounded Pokemon GO when it was released back in 2016 may have subsided but there is little doubt about its place as the era defining game in the genre. The Augmented Reality based game continues to feature among the top downloaded games on app stores in several countries. However, not many know about the IV of a Pokemon. It’s basically a tool that calculates gameplay stats to provide an overview of player’s progress. This includes attacks, defense, resistance, gym performance, and much more. While a Pokemon GO IV Calculator may not help during fights against the enemy but it does help in evolving Pokemon, which is one of the most important parts of progress. This way you would be able to evolve a week Magikarp into an unbeatable Gyrodous. Problem is there are many fake or shoddy calculators claiming to be providing the accurate Pokemon Go IV advantages. To help select the best Pokemon Go IV calculator apps 2018 edition that is guaranteed to work, we have shared details about the two IV calculators below.

pokemon go iv calculator

Pokemon GO game doesn’t have a default feature to calculate the IV of a Pokemon. The reason being you can calculate it after you have caught the Pokemon. This could end up costing you in terms of wasting balls on a lower IV Pokemon, which drags your progress. But if you have the tool to calculate the IV of a wild Pokemon that would save you time. Mover, these IV Calculators help in unlocking powerful evolution.

pokemon go calculator iv 2018

Pokemon players would not find many better tools than a 100% working IV Pokemon calculator to gain an edge over other players. You will find dozens of such tools on the Google Play Store. But most of them are either gimmick or scam or require login to your account. This is annoying if you can’t find the best app to calculate the IV of a Pokemon in the Pokemon Go app.

Best Pokemon Go IV Calculator

So here are the Best Pokemon Go IV calculator apps that are working with the official game, as of this writing. If it’s not working, this means the app’s support has been pulled by developer or it simply no longer works.

Calcy IV

calcy iv calculator

The best part of this app is that you won’t get banned by Google or Niantic. It doesn’t require login or registration, simply download the app and start using it. The app shows the move rating as well as the appraisal on the screen. You can decided whether a Pokemon is worth catching or not. It constantly scans Pokemon for XP stats.

Download Calcy IV – Google Play Store


iv go calculator app

The IV Go is considered by many as the best IV calculator for Pokemon. It is famous for its accurate results. It delivers live reports about the Pokemon potential and its chances of survival in gym battles. It shows how much time it will take to catch a wild Pokemon. You will also see the IV of a wild Pokemon along with information whether it’s worth a catch or not.

Download IV Go – Google Play Store

So try these IV calculators and tell us which one worked for you in the comments box

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