Android 14 Developer Preview 2 OTA + Factory Image [Download Link]

Android 14 Developer Preview 2 is now available to download on all compatible devices. Click on the direct links below to install Developer Preview 2 firmware of the official Android 14 firmware with all the new features and more on your Android device. After releasing the first developer preview version last month, Google has pushed yet another update of their mobile operating system for smartphones, tablets, and TVs.

The new update brings a host of new changes. Following the initial preview releases, we should see the beta versions out in the open for the general public sometime next month or in May. But for now, developers can test new changes and features to get a taste of what’s new in the latest Android software.

android 14 developer preview 2

Android 14 Developer Preview 2 Improves Android With New Changes:

For those wanting to know what Developer Preview 2 is all about, Google improves upon the underlying privacy and security. To grant more control over personal data, the search engine giant now allows users to have greater command over data applications can access. For instance, users can limit the videos and photos that are accessible to apps. From now onward, users can give permission to access all the videos and photos, specific videos and photos, or even none at all.

Moreover, Google elevates Credential Manager to a platform API status in this developer preview. This change simplifies sign-in for users.

Other improvements relate to system optimization and performance betterment to ensure the system works smoothly. One of these optimizations is that it dismisses all app activity when the app goes into the background. Users can also dismiss non-system notifications.

Other main changes introduced through the entirety of the firmware include better overall app stores. For example, by using a non-Google app store, you no longer have to interact with the Play Store. If an app update is available on a different app store, you don’t have to leave that app store.

Additionally, Google makes it possible to apply European metrics on a systemwide scale in Android 14 Developer Preview 2.

Lastly, the new update brings additional controls over how the app behaves.

But if these features are too technical for you to grasp, that’s because they’re aimed at developers with the know-how of finer details. With that said, Google gives all users the tools to install the update. You can download the OTA files and images from the link below.

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Download Android 14 Developer Preview 2 Image + OTA Files:

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