Android 14 Beta 1 Public Download Link [Factory Image + OTA File]

Here download Android 14 Beta 1 installation files for the public version of Google’s latest mobile operating system. Click on the link below to get the Android 14 beta update on all supported Google Pixel devices in 2023 via Factory Image and OTA. If you’re currently enrolled in the beta program, there’s no need to go through the manual installation process, as the update will land on your device as an OTA update.

android 14 beta 1 download

Android 14 Beta 1 Features Several New Additions And Improvements To Offer Better Experience On Pixel Phones:

So, in terms of what’s new in the Android 14 Beta 1 public version, the first highlight feature is called Smarter System UI from Google. In the new version of Android firmware, users will see a more pronounced back arrow housed inside a pill with a dynamically colored background in the backdrop. Google claims that this improves back gesture usability while minimizing the probability of false taps on the back button.

In addition, apps in Android 14 Beta 1 introduce custom actions to system share sheets. In short, this feature creates a share sheet action taking into account whatever app you have opened. For instance, opening the share sheet in the gallery app offers different actions than if you open the same sheet in Microsoft Word or some other app. This personalization of the share sheet makes apps easier to use while reducing the instance of confusing users. A welcome change considering how messy the current implementation of the share sheet is in all Android versions and custom OEM skins.

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Moreover, Google brings better graphical capability through the Path API. This API aims to deliver stronger and improved underlying mechanisms that provide critical assistance in creating vector graphics.

As per recent rumors, the latest version of Android comes with a new language prefernces system. This allows users to set their preferred language within the app without changing the whole system’s language.

Besides, Google has addressed privacy to strengthen it with additional changes. In Android 14 Beta 1, certain parameters activate to protect users’ sensitive information, personal details, passwords, data, and also stonewall sensitive information from getting executed unnoticed.

Download Android 14 Beta 1 (Public) For All Supported Google Pixel Devices:

Android 14 Beta 1 is out with April 2023 security patch. All supported Android devices are eligible to run it. You can flash the update manually using the installation files below or wait for it to arrive on your phone as an OTA if you’re a member of the beta program.

Here are the download files with links for bother factory images and OTA updates.