Alien: Isolation Launch On Mobile Announced! Learn More Here

Alien: Isolation is coming to mobile platforms. On December 16, users can play Alien: Isolation on their Android and iOS devices in a compact smartphone version. The highly-acclaimed video game is already available on PC and consoles since 2014. And now, it’s the turn of smaller handsets and tablets to get the same great playing experience.

The official confirmation arrives from Feral Interactive stating that the same company responsible for the impeccable Nintendo Switch port will handle the development and publishing duties for the mobile port of the game.

According to the press release, Feral Interactive promises to create this version of Alien Isolation ‘without compromise’ on its core properties that made the original so successful in the first place.

What’s more, the new iteration will come with a specially calibrated system to ensure smoother gameplay on touchscreen devices. Besides, a fully customizable interface specifically tailored for smaller screen real-estate makes sure players can navigate across various menu items using the minimum touches possible.

alien isloation release

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Here is a brief snapshot of the announcement, providing a glimpse of what to expect in the upcoming mobile version of Alien Isolation:

Alien: Isolation on mobile offers a mesmeric action-adventure on a damaged labyrinthine space station, lightyears from Earth. The stunning AAA visuals, arresting narrative and terrifying atmosphere of Creative Assembly’s award-winning sci-fi masterpiece have been faithfully replicated for phones and tablets. This is the complete survival horror experience brought to mobile without compromise.

Tailored for touchscreen play and using a bespoke, fully customisable interface, Alien: Isolation allows players to fine tune the game to their own playing style, with gamepads also supported. All seven DLC packs are included with this release, such as Last Survivor and Crew Expendable.

Also, see a trailer below offering a preview of the mobile version:

Alien: Isolation’s original story takes place fifteen years after the events that unfolded in the first Alien film. Gamers will play the role of Amanda, daughter of the protagonist Ellen Ripley from the original movie. The whole point behind this thrilling ride is to help the main character demystify her mother’s disappearance.

As for the storyline, you’re ensconced aboard a space station Sevastopol along with a few other terrified survivors. Your task is to stay hidden while using your survival skills to evade a merciless Alien roaming the spaceship in search of its next prey.

If you own an Android or iOS mobile device, the mobile version of Alien: Isolation is coming out free to download on December 16. Pre-registration is already live on Apple App Store with the Google Play page to come online soon.