Airlines Manger Tycoon 2018 Best routes and Aircraft for good Income.

The million dollar questions for all the Airlines Manager Tycoon 2018 players is how to know which is the best hub, Best route with most passengers, Best Airliners or Aircraft for that route. I have been playing this game for over a month now. And I have decided to share my experience with your. The game has a ranking system, so to rank faster you need better Structural profit to rank higher.

Airlines Manager Tycoon best Routes

There are people with over 100 aircraft and with an airline value of well over 20 billion $ are still behind my 60+ Airliners. The answer is they have smaller jets and are flying at non profitable routes. So to know how you can get the routes with more passengers and income is to follow these simple tips.

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How to get more income in Airline Manager Tycoon 2018:

For better income you need to choose the best HUB. And you can look for better hub with most economy passenger demand.

Looking for the best HUB demands Research. Make your mind first, that which aircraft you are going to fly. If you follow my model. I will go for only Airbus A380. Since its the best passenger carrier which can carry well over 850 passengers in single class. It can go up to 803KM/h cruising speed. So if you multiply this with the 24 hours. You can get the calculations. So here an A380 can fly anywhere between 9,300 KM to 9,900 KM and can return in the same day. So this means your Aircraft will fly at 00:00 and will be back before 00:00 next day. So you can fly all 7 days of the week. Carrying maximum possible passengers to and from any airport.

The only way to Rank Quicker and Earn more profit is: Get a High Demand Route, Fly Airbus A380, Focus on Economy Class, and make sure your A380 does 7 flights a week.

Airlines Manager Tycoon best Routes

Now how to know which hub is better and how to get the exact required destination in between 9,300 and 9,900 Kilometers on the map. For that you should use this Map Radius Tool. and follow these instructions.

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Using Map Radius Tool to detect the Best HUB Routes:

1- Open the Map Radius Tool.

2- Go and select the HUB you want to buy in the game.

3- Tap on the empty filed in the left bottom of the screen. Type in 9,300 and change the miles to Kilometers in the options menu.

Airlines Manager Tycoon best Routes

4- Once done click on the HUB or airport now. In this case it’s Moscow “Domodedovo Airport”.

5- Now again enter the second value i.e 9,900 KM and again click on the same airport.

6- Once the whole are becomes blue, Zoom out of the map.

7- Look for the cities and airports in the grey area on the map as seen in the images.

8- Now Open your game and have an audit of these airports.

9- If you Economy passengers well above 1000, you can purchase that route.

10- The advantage of flying these routes would be a packed A380 daily flight. For the whole week.

How to create New Profitable Routes in AM Tycoon 2018:

1- Go to Network.

2- Select Create Route, Make sure to select the new HUB you recently purchased.

3- Go to the continent which has the grey line as shown above in the map.( in this example North America).

4- Click on USA

5-  Inside search for the airports found within the 9,300-9,900 range. And click on Audit.

6- Click on Purchase the route.

That’s it. Now you can buy a new Airbus A380 and set the schedule of this route. The schedule will be the same as the one shown in the above image. In many cases you will easily get an income of $ 3 – 3.5 million per day. Which is a good amount for any airliner to earn in one day. This Source at has even more detailed guide about Airlines Manager Best Routes and Aircraft.

Final Words:

If you have extra passengers in demand you can open that route and increase the prices. Even way over the audit, until you see the remaining demand is 1 or 0. The above mentioned practice is followed by me and I have made my Airlines flourish in real quick time.

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    • In my game, the DME had more Economy demand then the SVO HUB. So I went for More Economy option. Beside this the best HUBs for me are Cape Town and Durban (South Africa).

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